SCI financing

SCI financing solutions in Nice

An SCI (Société Civile Immobilière) is a non-trading company. Although it is possible for a company of this form to resell a property, it cannot buy a property for the purpose of resale or furnished rental.

The ideal solution for acquiring and managing real estate assets, creating an SCI presents numerous financial benefits. For couples, it represents an alternative to undivided interest in the event of divorce, separation or death of one of the spouses.

Our brokerage firm advises you on how to finance an SCI and also answers your questions in the event of loan renegotiation and debt consolidation.

An effective family investment

When purchasing real estate through financing, the SCI is like a veritable Swiss army knife for couples and families. Children and parents can find themselves partners in the formation of a family-owned SCI, which facilitates in particular estate services and inheritance rights.

Depending on the circumstances of your family relationships, there are several solutions available for protecting the various partners. To help you make the best decision, we take the time to discuss everything with you and offer you useful advice.

SCI for tax optimization

The question of tax optimization often arises in the course of creating an SCI. Since the aim of the SCI is to manage a given tax asset in the best possible way and to share the profits that are generated, sound tax management is of substantial interest.

You have the option to submit taxation of the income generated either as personal income tax or corporate income tax. Our brokers will help you make the right choice between these two solutions in order to optimize taxation.

Protecting your family assets with an SCI

When a business owner wishes to make a real estate investment as part of his professional activity, he can record the investment either in the balance sheet of his business or hold it as part of his personal assets.

If he considers the second solution, using an SCI in which the manager is the majority partner is generally recommended because the real estate assets of the company are safe from creditors in the event of collective proceedings. This facilitates conveyance of the assets to children.