Financing project for non-residents

Experts in financing for non-residents and expatriates in Nice, Côte d’Azur and Paris

Living outside of country where you want to invest in real estate can be complicated. This is where Hestia Finances Investissements can assist you – we help expatriates and non-residents prepare their application for financing.

Our trilingual team advises prospective borrowers in English, Italian and French. We offer several means of communication for you to discuss your purchasing project with us and collect all the documents you need for your application.

From real estate projects to debt consolidation, from renegotiating loans to financing a property management company (SCI) – we will find the right solutions for your needs.


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Our solutions to take care of your financing project

If you live abroad, Hestia can simplify your loan application for you. You complete your file remotely and have the necessary documents sent directly to our brokers, who will provide you with a feasibility opinion within 24 hours, based on a mortgage simulation.

Our video conferencing equipment makes it possible for us to hold remote meetings with you to discuss your project in more detail and answer your questions. Our team is committed to finding you a mortgage at the best interest rate.

Are you a non-resident looking to finance a project?

When it comes to financing for non-residents, banks are more cautious in granting mortgage loans. They are more demanding because the person looking for financing may be more difficult to reach due to time differences, or much more difficult to locate in the event of a dispute.

Making sure your loan application file is complete is therefore essential for the banks to agree to financing your project. Our brokers will assist you with compiling your file, finding a bank and providing the necessary supporting documents to obtain a loan.

Are you an expatriate looking to finance a project?

Are you a French expatriate and you want to invest in real estate in France? As a tax non-resident, your finance application file must be impeccable because banking establishments have even more stringent requirements for such applications, in order to reduce risks.

Because it is more difficult for a bank to check the financial situation of a potential borrower who does not pay his taxes in France, it is necessary to have conclusive proof of his identity, marital status, income, domicile and work contact details.