Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation in Nice: our advice

Debt consolidation has many advantages for people who have several active loans and who wish to streamline their monthly repayments.

Hestia Finances Investissements is your partner in analysing your financial situation and finding a banking establishment to refinance your loans. We act in the best interest of you and your family to alleviate your debts and assist you in financing new projects.

Explore the advantages of debt consolidation – if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also advise you on renegotiating your loans.

How to reduce a monthly repayment

Do you have several active loans? Refinancing your loans make it possible for you to consolidate your debts and significantly reduce the amount of each monthly repayment. Almost all types of mortgages and consumer credit can be refinanced: vehicle financing, home loan, personal loan etc.

Our brokers support you in analysing your current expenses and your debt ratio in order to offer you a better solution for paying off your debts.

Financing a new project thanks to refinancing

Do you already have active loans and want to launch another project? Consolidating your loans allows you to reduce excessive debt and finance a new project thanks to the savings you achieve in this way.

In addition, the single monthly repayment simplifies the management of your finances and offers you the possibility of benefiting from additional cash flow.

Extend the term of a loan

To reduce your debt ratio and your monthly repayments, it is necessary to combine a lower interest rate with an extension of your loan repayment term.

Your broker will analyse your situation to find the right balance between the total cost of your monthly repayments and the term for repaying the loan.

Consolidate your loans into a single monthly repayment

Having your loans refinanced by another banking institution offer not only financial advantages but also improved financial management.

By consolidating all your loans into a single monthly repayment, you can manage your finances more effectively on a daily basis. You only have one contact and one monthly repayment to manage, making it much easier to manage your bank statements.

Cash flow financing

Do you need money in a hurry to finance a wedding, a trip or work that needs doing?

Pooling your loans makes it possible for you to get cash. Tell us about your plans and we will find the best solution to refinance your loans so that you can realize your dreams.

Credit with or without guarantee

Depending on your resources, financial institutions may require a bond or a mortgage to guarantee your real estate loan.

When you consolidate your loans, securing a loan without a mortgage as guarantee is quicker and easier to arrange. This type of loan makes it possible to repay all of your loans ahead of schedule and be left with only one monthly repayment that suits your budget.