Real estate projects

Your real estate project is in good hands with Hestia in Nice

Whether your project involves purchasing your main residence or acquiring a rental property, our brokers will steer you toward the best solution for obtaining a real estate load.

With Hestia Finances Investissements you save time in securing financing for your real estate project. Our brokers perform a comparative study of the financing solutions offered by several partner banks to bring you a loan at the best interest rate.

Make an appointment to see us at our agency near you in Nice or at your home to tell us more about your project and its circumstances. You can also make use of our services for debt consolidation and renegotiating your loans.


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Main acquisition or rental investment?

A main property acquisition can be financed with a single loan or a panel of loans. in fact, as a first-time buyer, you can claim financial aid from the government, such as a zero-interest loan or a home ownership savings loan. As a second-time buyer, you can take out bridge financing pending the resale of your home.

A rental investment is of interest if you want to reduce your taxes, expand your estate or benefit from additional income. We support you on the way to a successful acquisition.

Taking out a loan to finance construction works

If you are planning renovations or expansions to your property or even improving the energy performance of your home, we can help you secure a construction loan at the best interest rate.

Unrestricted personal loan, assigned loan, revolving credit … there are so many different financing solutions. We advise you to find the construction loan that meets your needs and your repayment capacity. Are you an expatriate or a non-resident? We have the appropriate solutions.

New real estate project and tax exemption

Buying new housing has many advantages. Besides the convenience of moving into an optimized living space, new housing means that you will not have to do any work to it for the next 10 or 15 years.

Buying off-plan or buying completed housing: the procedures are not the same. Loans designed for new builds pay out as the work progresses. In addition, thanks to the Pinel law, you get a tax break if you buy new and rental housing.

Bridging finance

Because it is not easy to have the sale of one property coincide with acquiring the next, a bridge loan can help you with this transition. This loan will finance the new property until your current property is sold.

The amount of this loan can range from 60-100% of the amount of the current asset and its term can be 12-60 months. The bridge loan must be repaid at the end of its term. Our brokers will help you understand the implications of a bridge loan and how it works.

Loan with/without mortgage

Our team will give you simple explanations that apply to your circumstances to help you understand the difference between a loan with a mortgage and one without.

Solutions such as a mortgage, surety and even loan insurance are there to provide guarantees to the lender. We look at your needs and advise you accordingly of the best choice available to you.