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A loan is a commitment and must be repaid. Check your ability to meet your repayments before you commit.

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Your private broker selects the best bank in France, Monaco and Luxembourg

HESTIA FINANCES INVESTISSEMENTS, private broker and real estate loans in Nice

Credit brokerage firm, established in Nice since 2001.

Backed by extensive banking experience, Hestia Finances Investissements specializes in private and professional financing (real estate loans, loan refinancing and mortgages).
Our presence in the Nice region means that we can offer personalized advice and tailor-made solutions according to each client’s environment.


Our legal expertise and our banking partner network both in France and abroad (Monaco/Luxembourg/London) make it possible for you to obtain the financing arrangement best suited to your project and within the shortest possible time.
Composed of a business team of 6 trilingual colleagues (all speaking French,English and Italian), Hestia Finances Investissements offers you expertise and experience to support you with financial advice, finding the right banking solution and assisting with residential mobility.

Need to finance a private or professional project?
We offer a free assessment with no obligation

Finance your projects under optimum terms

Our services for private financing

We facilitate your private projects by providing you with the opportunity to make a comparative assessment of banks and rates. We save you time by speeding up administrative procedures.

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Real estate projects

Are you thinking of buying property? Do you need a loan to do some renovations? Our services make it possible for you to finance your projects under the best terms. With our help, you can secure a real estate loan with terms that are favourable to you.

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Financing for non-residents

Our real estate brokers are at the service of non-residents wishing to invest on the Côte d’Azur. We have a dedicated form for them and we make sure to respond to their application for financing as quickly as possible.

Financement de SCI

Financing for property management companies (SCI)

Are you looking to invest through means of a property management company (SCI)? Working closely with notaries and chartered accountants, we can help you secure a loan as an SCI – and we have all the answers to your questions.

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Borrower insurance at the core of our expertise

Individuals and professionals, we support you with choosing your borrower insurance or your personal benefit policy by facilitating your administrative procedures and renegotiating your monthly insurance payments.

Rachat de prêt

Renegotiation/refinancing of loans

We assist you in shortening your repayment periods and rearranging the terms of your loan in order to lower the monthly repayments. We offer financial solutions to keep you in control of your budget.

Regroupement de crédits

Debt consolidation

With almost 18 years of experience behind us, our brokerage firm supports you with advice on debt consolidation. This means you can group all your loans into one and adjust your new monthly repayment with regard to both the amount and the term to suit your means.

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100% of clients satisfied

“A big thank you to Wafa for her kindness and professionalism. An unusual dedication to realizing your projects. I really recommend this great and in addition very, very pleasant professional.”
Renaud G.

“My file was handled by Sabah Negaibi who was highly accessible and responsive. Many thanks to her and I highly recommend her.”
Axelle J.

“I benefited from the brokerage services of Ms Negaibi. She was extremely efficient and helpful. Her work made it possible for us to end up with a very favourable real estate loan despite the complexity of my file. A big thank you once again.”
Nicolas R.

“Wafa MBAREK – a very professional broker, goes the extra mile for her clients; I have never seen such an optimistic broker; thanks to her I will soon have my first apartment in the shortest possible time!”
Elodie L.

I recommend Hestia Finances Investissements and in particular Ms NEGAIBI Sabah for helping me realize my real estate project with excellent terms.”
Léonard T.

Financing for your professional projects

We support you in financing your business by ensuring constant monitoring throughout the implementation of the loan. We save you time by taking care of all the procedures with banking institutions.

Courtier crédit

Financing for self-employed professionals

Are you a self-employed professional and looking for a broker to advise you? Hestia Financement Investissements knows the specific needs of medical professionals, lawyers, notaries and chartered accountants.

Prêts professionnels

Financing for merchants and tradespeople

As a merchant or a tradesperson, you need advice to obtain financing tailored to your circumstances. Financing of goodwill, business capital, hotel premises or even buildings for professional use.

projet immobilier et emprunt

Financing for real estate companies and professionals

Because we understand that real estate professionals have specific financing needs, our brokers are able to offer suitable solutions. Contact us to discuss your financing project.