Financing for merchants

Loan for purchasing a business in Nice: financing for merchants

Are you in the process of starting your own business? Are you looking to buy a business asset, hotel premises? Are you ready to expand your business?

Whatever your business project, Hestia Finances Investissements supports you in finding the best financing solution. It can sometimes be difficult for managers of SMEs and VSEs to secure a loan from a bank. This is why our brokers suggest that you allow us to take care of applying for financing for you.

Contact our brokerage firm and present your investment project to us.

Financing for purchasing commercial premises

Investing in commercial premises is often more profitable than investing in property/housing. A commercial lease lasts longer than a residential rental contract – and the costs are lower.

Before buying commercial premises, it is important to do you homework in order to make sure you are making a sound investment. Finding a good location, understanding what is ideal retail space, knowing if the premises are already occupied or not … These are all aspects to take into account in your research.

We are here to advise you at every stage of your acquisition.

Financing for purchasing goodwill

Whether your application concerns commercial financing with or without a down payment, we analyse your file to ensure the best possible negotiation with our banking partners. Financing the purchase of a business asset is no trivial matter; depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to government aid, which would constitutes your down payment.

Vendor credit is another solution to consider when selling an asset or if the activity involves non-perishable stock.

Purchasing hotel premises

Like commercial premises, buying hotel premises requires advance preparation to make sure of the profitability of your investment. If you decide to do renovation work, for example to get the establishment up to standard, it is important to take these expenses into account in your loan application.

We help you prepare your professional loan application so that our banking partners can make you appropriate offers at the best rates.

Purchasing a business property

A business property allows you to work as a self-employed professional, a craftsman or a merchant. This can give you a mixed income if part of the building is used for housing – the building will therefore offer a mixed lease.

Business premises do not benefit from the protective provisions of consumer law with regard to mortgages. When applying for a loan, you would therefore be wise to draw on the expertise of a professional who can give you the best advice and help you avoid any possible conflict.