Renegotiating a loan

Your broker for renegotiation of loans in Nice

Hestia Finances Investissements, your brokerage agency in Nice, supports you in dealing with your bank’s procedures for renegotiating your loan.

Current interest rates may be more attractive than the ones you were charged when you took out your loan. Applying for a loan renegotiation may be beneficial to you and save you money. What are you waiting for!

Our brokers will analyse your depreciation schedule and the conditions of your loan to help you negotiate the terms of your loan. If necessary, it is also possible for you to consolidate your debts into a single monthly repayment.

Reduce the term of your loan

Before any negotiation, you need to look at your outstanding principal – the amount borrowed that you still have to repay. Next comes the criterion of the residual term of your loan.

The term of the overall repayment of a loan is divided into three periods. If you are in the first third or at the start of the second, you can still renegotiate. Opting for a reduction in the term can prove to be much more advantageous than a reduction in monthly repayments. We can help you make the right choice.

Reduce your monthly repayments of a loan

Has your family situation changed since you acquired your loan and you now want to reduce your monthly repayments? Renegotiating your mortgage allows you to quickly free up buying power and realize new projects.

Reducing your monthly repayments also means extending the term of your credit. You must therefore be aware of this before starting the process, so that it remains beneficial for you.

How to optimize your loan

Over the years, many of the factors that helped you get your loan, like your income or your family situation, may have changed. Renegotiating your mortgage with your bank allows you to optimize the terms of this loan to match your current needs.

Lower or higher monthly repayments, a shorter repayment term, a better interest rate … Several solutions are possible to adapt your loan to your situation.