Asset management

Our asset management and tax optimization advice in Nice

Your private broker Hestia Finances Investissements will provide you with personalized support and the appropriate advice to optimize the management of your wealth. You have a choice of various investments at your disposal: savings, life insurance, purchasing real estate, an investment portfolio and more. We study your family circumstances to give you advice that meets your needs, always putting your interests first.

To find out about the various asset management and tax optimization solutions available to you, make an appointment with one of our private brokers.

Family analysis for tailored advice

Our office offers you a diagnosis of your wealth in order to optimize it according to a long-term objective. Are you concerned for the future of your loved ones and want to know what your options are for leaving them an attractive financial legacy?

Because each situation is different, we understand the need to provide you with tailored advice. Our brokers who are experienced in asset management carry out an in-depth tax audit of your family situation in order to find suitable solutions.

A choice of the best savings

Financial savings is one of the solutions available to you to generate interest and make secure financial investments. There are many types of savings – we bring you expert advice to give you more clarity about these so that you can choose the one that will be most beneficial to you.

To find out what the advantages are of choosing a financial investment as a means of saving, contact our brokerage firm in Nice – we will find you the best interest rate.

Tax exemption solutions

Tax exemption is for everyone. By building a solid asset base, you can significantly reduce your taxes. Once we have carried out a personalized asset diagnosis for you, we can offer you the most suitable tax exemption solutions.

Among these solutions, we can name investing in new real estate on the Côte d’Azur (applying the Pinel law, for example). This is a means that allows for a tax reduction by investing in rental housing. If the rental accommodation is furnished, you will likewise benefit from a tax reduction.

Personalized tax optimization

Depending on your long-term objective, tax optimization solutions can be adapted for optimal protection of your family and preparing for your retirement.

We explore for you all of the legally available options that can help you reduce – or even eliminate – taxation. To do this, we advise you on the investments that best suit your situation.