Loans for tradespeople

Loan for tradespeople in Nice: our financing solutions

When you are looking for a business loan, there are several essential checks you must perform before you start. Provide proof that you qualify for a loan and let banks compete against each other to allow you to find the best loan offer.

To help you with these administrative procedures, your independent broker Hestia Finances Investissements will contact our banking partners. Your current bank may not be offering you the best interest rate.

We make it possible to obtain the trades loan that meets your needs: financing works, purchasing equipment, launching professional activity …

Financing for trades: launch your business with peace of mind!!

It is in many cases essential to obtain financial assistance when you start your own your own business in one of the trades. Banks offer trades loans to help you finance start-up costs such as legal fees, fixed costs, and purchasing equipment and materials.

Our brokerage firm helps you to get started with peace of mind in your new activity, by taking charge of compiling your loan application file: presentation of your activity/project, business plan, capital required etc. Once complete, we submit your application for a trades loan to the banks.

Financing of materials and supplies

A trades loan can also help you finance the purchase of materials and supplies essential to the proper functioning of your activity. Buying high-performance machines at the cutting edge of technology represents a significant cost, but you need these to develop your business and offer your customers quality services.

Your broker will meet at our agency or the location of your choice, in order to discuss your projects and secure you the corresponding business loan.

Finance your potential works

Do you need financing for works to renovate a workshop, warehouse or office as part of your professional activity? We make it possible for you to carry out your projects by giving you the benefit of our expert advice, whether you are a tradesperson or a merchant.

We take care of preparing your loan application file, collating all the documents necessary to explain your work project and determining your repayment capacity.